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  • MJ Research, Inc. (Including MJ Bioworks and MJ Geneworks) 1986 - 2004; board seat 1986-2004. Developed, manufactured, and sold instruments and reagents for use in life science research. At the time it was acquired by Bio-Rad Laboratories in 2004, it was privately held and had annualized sales of approximately $90 million.
  • Geneworks Pty Ltd. 1996 - 2008; board seat 1996-2008. Import, manufacture, and sale of biotechnology products in Australia and New Zealand. Exit: Management buyout.
  • Orion Genomics, LLC 1998 - present; board seat 1998-present. Analysis of the epigenetic information coded into DNA through methylation. Important applications include human cancer diagnostics and plant genomic analysis.
  • Mountain Cove Tech Center, LLC 1999 - 2004; board seat 1999-2004. Specified, built, owned, and operated a 140,000 sq. ft. specialized biotechnology facility on the shore of the bay in South San Francisco, California. Tenants included MJ Research, MJ Bioworks, Genesoft Pharmaceuticals (Oscient Pharmaceuticals), Fluidigm Inc., and Parallele Inc. Exit: sale of building to Alexandria Real Estate Equities.
  • Wavemark, Inc. 2004 - present; board seat 2006-present. Wavemark uses RFID to revolutionize supply chain management for expensive medical devices.
  • Sage Science, Inc. 2005 - present; board seat 2006-present. Designs and builds bioscience instruments.
  • Vaxart, Inc. 2006-present; board seat 2007-present; CEO July 2009-October 2011. A vaccine development company with a novel technology for oral vaccination against infectious agents.
  • True Materials, Inc. 2008. Exit: acquired by Affymetrix.
  • Mission Motors, Inc. 2008 - present. Board seat December 2009 - August 2010. High performance electric drive trains for all types of electric vehicles.
  • PharmaSecure, Inc. 2008 - present. Board Seat December 2008 - November 2009. Cell-phone based authentication of pharmaceutical and other products prone to counterfeiting.
  • Innerscope Research, Inc. 2009 - present. Board seat December 2009 - present. Biometric measurement of emotion, for use in evaluating media and communication.
  • Others

  • Adina
  • Advanced Cardiac Thearapeutics
  • Allylix
  • Amplimed
  • Amplyx
  • Cleanfish
  • Catheter Connections
  • Enfocus Engineering Corp.
  • Fluxion
  • General Compression
  • Lumenergi
  • Lypro Biosciences
  • Montana Renewables
  • Nanostim
  • Oorja Protonics
  • Oncohealth
  • Retrotope
  • Sellers Markets
  • Thereon Pharmaceuticals
  • Velomedix
  • Visioneering Technologies
  • Zogenix
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